Emerging Mobile App Marketing trends in a Post COVID-19 World


Covid-19 has impacted all sectors in some way or another, which has a lasting effect not only on our economy but also on how we go about our daily lives. Certain things are not likely to return to pre-pandemic norms. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have forced many businesses to reduce or suspend their operations by affecting their bottom line. It has helped to accelerate the development of several emerging technologies. This will help the businesses to adjust ta a post- Covid-19 world.

Mobile app marketing technologies is witnessing a rise and become a hot topic for the business world. With this, businesses have started analyzing the post- Covid-19 app marketing trends. Digital marketers are utilizing the channels for communication and entertainment such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger chatbots, Instagram stories, Tiktok, among other messaging applications.

Since the emergence of messaging applications, Mobile App Marketing has become a significant element in meeting customer demands, along with other emerging innovations. Its innumerable options for business include driving leads and sales.

According to a report by Statista in 2018, India had surpassed 480 million internet users across the country, also projected the figure will cross 660 million users by 2023 because India has market potential in internet services for South Asian countries. A majority of the people access the internet via their mobile phones out of the total internet users in the country. The report also states that there is an incredible chance arising to interact with viewers and meet demands for the brands. However, mobile marketing isn’t as easy as it seems, they have to learn more about the intricate patterns of mobile app marketing.

Consumer behaviors won’t go back to pre-pandemic norms. Consumers will purchase more online, and increasing numbers of people will work remotely. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) will be extremely valuable in helping companies adapt to these trends as they begin to navigate the post-Covid -19 world as economies slowly begin to reopen.

Post Covid-19, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VI) will get big. Instagram and Facebook have made significant moves to push the world into the AR and VR, by opening Spark AR to the public. These apps can provide dressing rooms and clothing trials, planning for interior design, and so on. Also, App store feedback and ratings will become more relevant


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