‘Bro Eat!’: India’s first WhatsApp home delivery platform in support of ‘Vocal for Local’


BroEat, launched as India’s first WhatsApp home delivery and menu discovery platform will help customers order food and get rider details and an invoice over WhatsApp. The platform also lets restaurants choose the third party delivery vendor or their own fleet and get access to their customer base.

The new WhatsApp menu discovery and home delivery platform is launched by an Indian company supporting local businesses and chef entrepreneurs. Ghost Kitchens founder Karan Thanna and Pawan Shahri of One Hospitality, together founded ‘Bro Eat!’.

The platform will let small restaurants and chef entrepreneurs be in power as they get to choose the third-party delivery vendors they want to work with such as Swiggy and Zomato, and they also get direct access to their customer base. The customers will have the facility of ordering food and getting rider details and an invoice over WhatsApp. With Bro Eat!, the restaurateurs will also have the option of deciding their own discounts.

The local restaurants had a huge setback due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The subsequent lockdowns which led to the closure of the restaurants lead to a drastic drop in revenues. Employment of people working in restaurants is also at stake as there are approximately 5 lakh restaurants in the organized sector that generate employment for around 75 lakh people.

The new platform will also help to retain jobs of people associated with the restaurants along with the restaurateurs as with the new platform they need to pay less commission to the third party delivery vendors. “They get the best prices as restaurants save on commissions. In this process, restaurants also earn better to help their employees,” said, Shahri.

‘Bro Eat!’ has made agreements with around 1000 grocery stores, restaurants, home chefs, and bakers across India till now including famous restaurant brands such as Goila Butter Chicken, Cheelizza Pizza, Shiv Sagar Group of restaurants, Mad over Donuts, etc.

As the industry is adapting to the new normal, there may come new business models like these which help to tackle the crises and create value for both customers and local businesses. Platforms like Bro Eat! may prove to be a great help to the local business community. “The industry is passing through a tough time, and its time we all come together and save each other. BroEat! enables restaurants to save substantial margins on food delivery orders, which in-turn helps them to save jobs. We encourage restaurants to re-skill their current staff (instead of laying them off) to also do home delivery,” said, Tanna.


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