EntTelligence Partners with Steve Buck to Launch Impression-based Analytics


Recently EntTelligence has announced its launch which will be delivering out-of-home (OOH) marketing analytics to the entertainment community. Also, the entertainment community’s impression analysis resource will be combining distinguished 30,000 person-Filed force armed with the ability of content listening technology by delivering the best practices with the respect to the OHH measurement.

Also, the patent-pending approach will be uniquely combining data science, machine learning, and traditional measurement especially for analyzing the marketing initiatives. By October 1st the former MarketCast and Comscore executive Steve Buck will be joining as a partner and also as the Chief Strategy Officer to this newly formed entity. Rakesh Nigam who is the CEO of EntTelligence said that they are incredibly thrilled for their launch and also the entertainment-based intelligence which becomes more critical during the post-pandemic climate, the unique approach succinctly and also effectively will be measuring the potential movie consumers. However, they are also equally excited to have Steve Buck who has brought the revolutionary currencies to market also joined, and lead the strategic initiatives.

Steve Buck is a well-respected seasoned film executive who has an along-track record of innovation and has been the forefront of the industry evolution for nearly three decades. Also, he has created different industry currencies advancing transactions, communications, and also measurement. At Comscore Buck was involved in getting the B.O data frim onto the moviegoer exit polling business for the creation of PostTrak which is a joint venture with the screening engine. Buck was also crucial in launching the Camscore’s social media analytics tracker know as PreAct which gauges the film title online buzz

Also, Buck said that he couldn’t be more excited for the collaboration with this remarkable group of technologists and as well as the innovators, also the consumer targeting and impression analysis needs are changing rapidly with a diverse set of different measurement approaches. Also, EntTelligence is uniquely poised to assist different content creators of the types.

EntTellignece has also subsumed MovieQu and their technology for currently supporting the Hollywood premiere trailer verification services MovieMeasure that will help to continuously serve the in-theatre marketing needs, EntTelligence has partnered with the motion picture groups for streaming services and for all constituents of the entertainment content eco-system for generating efficiency, measurement and also making marketing effectiveness insights and attribution intelligence.


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