Streem, announces the release of its first software development kits (SDKs)


Streem, the award-winning, and easy-to-use remote video chat tool announced the availability of the first product development kits. Technology helps product teams, engineers, and customer service groups to quickly configure and deploy enterprise-grade virtual reality technologies and immersive digital collaboration resources. Streem ‘s versatile SDKs would make it easier for leading brands to build a new generation of cross-platform AR-driven home solutions.

Businesses will incorporate Streem ‘s remote communication and data collection functionality into current software and frameworks, and utilize LiDAR mesh to collection incredibly precise, licensed, remote measurements. Our goal at Streem is to make the world’s knowledge more available, and our SDKs allow us to do this while also enabling companies to make life simpler for customers.

With Streem, leading retailers and service providers – from technicians and consultants to real estate agents and more – can seamlessly embed AR-and AI-solutions into current platforms and workflows, enabling them to communicate securely with consumers and gather data that will help them to satisfy customers ‘ demands more efficiently and precisely.

About the Streem                                                         

Streem’s goal is to make the skills of the world more available. Using augmented reality ( AR), computer vision, and machine learning, Streem allows connectivity between customers and brands more effective, reliable, and convenient-all while offering qualitative feedback to the brand. Streem offers a complete multi-platform (SDK and Web) that facilitates remote video communication, provides basic AR resources to render this process as meaningful as on-site, and automatically gathers specific project or product data to help equip experts with the knowledge they need. Streem applies to the front entrance.

About frontdoor

Frontdoor is a business that is concerned with getting the trouble out of buying a house. With human-powered and technologically-enabled systems, Streem is the parent group, as well as four home service package brands: American Home Shield, HSA, Hallmark, and OneGuard, as well as on-demand home repair and maintenance membership, and Streem, a technological organization that allows companies to support consumers through improved digital reality, machine vision and robotics. Frontdoor services 2.2 million clients across the U.S. across a network of nearly 17,000 pre-qualified vendors that hire about 60,000 technicians. Flexible home service contracts help consumers secure and preserve their homes from expensive and unnecessary breakdowns in critical home services and equipment. With almost 50 years of experience, the organization responds annually to more than four million service requests.


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