ENVICARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. – The Global Solution Leaders in Recycling, Refusing, Reducing & Reusing Waste Water 

Envicare Technologies, The Global Solution Leaders in RECYCLING, REFUSING, REDUCING & REUSING Waste Water

With rising water negligence, scarcity and its environmental impact, it is not only urgent but mandatory to discover solutions for water & wastewater treatment for domestic & industrial purposes. 

A brainchild of Mangesh Surve, a Chemical Engineer, he has been leading ENVICARE for the last 22 years as its MD. With corporate offices in Pune, Dubai & Malaysia, he uses his knowledge to navigate the company in various related offerings. The innumerable awards in his kitty speak for his work. The team of committed engineers, managers, consultants & technicians are sought-after in India & internationally for their resourcefully sustainable technological & after-sales know-how. Their devoted R&D laboratory, AQUA Laboratories, runs actively on the ISO guidelines for water, wastewater & effluent testing.

Their offerings include:
· Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) – Industrial Waste Water
· Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – For Housing, Commercial, Industrial Use, etc.
· Demineralised (DM) Water Treatment Plants (Automatic/Manual) – Industrial Process
· Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants – Fully Automatic
· Filter Press & Bag Filters – ETP, STP and Chemical Sludge Handling
· Water Softening Plants (Automatic/Manual) – Domestic and Industrial applications

In ENVICARE kitty, they have 750+ distinguished clientele, 1500+ installations, international business experience and successful recycling of over 5000+ million litres of wastewater from industrial & domestic activities. The ISO 9001: 2015 certification marks their commitment to quality consciousness and management.

The mission is clear-cut: To be known as a company feeling responsible for water globally. With this in mind, ENVICARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD plans to have 5,000 happy customers by 2024.


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