Ericsson’s advert illustrates the unlimited potential of 5G


The announcement of 5G and the launch of various service providers in India has created enough buzz in the market. Ericsson, which is also a part of the 5G revolution, has launched a new campaign called ‘Imagine Possible’ that aims to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of increased connectivity with 5G for India’s industries, people, and communities.

The campaign highlights the transformative role of 5G technology in creating a more digitally inclusive India by showcasing India-specific 5G use cases in industries such as healthcare, education, agriculture, sports, and manufacturing. The campaign depicts five different settings and stories to demonstrate the power of connectivity for Indian consumers. As part of the launch, Ericsson is distributing a series of stories in print and digital media to raise awareness of 5G and how this new technology will benefit end users.

What is the goal of your 5G campaign? How is it assisting Ericsson’s brand to strengthen its presence and equity in India?

Ericsson’s ‘Imagine Possible’ India campaign is an extension of the company’s global campaign, which brings to life Ericsson’s new Purpose and Vision, which was announced last year. The new Purpose and Vision envision connecting the unimaginable and a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business, and pioneers a sustainable future.

The India campaign’s goal is to demonstrate the endless possibilities that 5G will bring to Indian businesses, people, and communities. It emphasizes 5G’s transformative role in fostering a more digitally inclusive India through relevant use cases for consumers, businesses, and industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.

With 5G set to launch in the country soon, this campaign story focuses on the “new possibilities” that 5G will provide for Indian consumers and businesses. The campaign’s scenarios/use cases allow us to demonstrate our 5G leadership and technological prowess, which strengthens our brand equity among the audience.

Who is the intended audience for this campaign? In which markets do you intend to launch this campaign?

This campaign is aimed at Indian consumers, businesses, and our operator partners.

You intend to reach out to your target audience via print and digital channels. What is the rationale, and how do you intend to work on your media strategy within print?

We believe strongly in the power of compelling storytelling and have run several campaigns in both print and digital media. Today, a significant portion of data consumption occurs on mobile and digital platforms, which has led us to focus this campaign primarily on digital. While print is effective, trustworthy, and distinctive, digital media is efficient, measurable, and reaches consumers where they spend the majority of their time. We chose this media mix to provide our audiences with a variety of touchpoints. As a result, roughly 60% of the campaign’s budget is allocated to digital, with the remaining 40% allocated to print.

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