Esri India to skill students in GIS


India’s most leading Geographical data system (GIS) Software & Solutions, Esri India goes to produce skill over 2 lakhs students in GIS technologies over the subsequent 3 years.

The Government of India is encouraging higher usage of GIS technology in various segments like Water Resources, Agriculture, Insurance, Smart cities, Land management, and lots more. In line with government research, the Geospatial Data economy is meant to grow from 30,000 cr. To around 1, 00,000 cr. By the year-end 2030.

GIS is applied in almost every sector of the economy, therefore every student studying pedagogy must get a chance to be told about GIS. And to realize this goal, Esri India is providing a comprehensive broad program to assist the school, to hold the chance by learning GIS infrastructure through establishing the Centre of Competence (CoC). CoC providing opportunities to students in numerous streams to induce advanced GIS technology skills.

This initiative by Eris India provides the scholars with best practices, knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure that may be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any place.

According to Agendra Kumar, administrator of Esri India, “As GIS becomes important for the economic process, there is a desire to extend the geospatial literacy. The intervention of the govt through introducing new policies also gives employment opportunities. We must act rapidly on the event of GIS technology in higher institutions to create a foremost skill base in India”.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 launches by the government of India envisions all universities and colleges to become multidisciplinary. NEP also says that the curricula of HEIs should be focused on projects of Community Management and services, value education, environmental education for the scholars.

Anyone such as Students, professors including others must visit e-learning content available at MyEsri Learning Portal and guided lessons through Esri’s Learn Hub. Esri India is an element of the program. They also provide offers to scholars to urge faculty training and engagement programs.

Esri India has been working with academia for the last 20 years. And among 800+ colleges and universities have implemented Core GIS courses and projects. The corporate also focusing on encouraging GIS knowledge through other programs including GIS Academia Council and young scholar programs.

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