ASCI unveils new brand identity by stepping into a new phase of evolution


The Advertising Standards Council of India has revealed the final guidelines for streamlining influencer advertising on digital media and making it more transparent. The new guidelines, which will apply to all kinds of influencers.

It also has the Agenda to become future-facing and more inclusive. ASCI has constantly been the morals administrator of the Indian advertising industry. And at this new stage, it tries to prolong its offerings and aids that will help advertisers assess creativity and responsibility. 

The three dimensions of ASCI’s are:

Help the advertisers with the services that make them get it right. It includes advisory services and research-based insight studies. ASCI had already begun to start on a massive study Gender Next which looks at gender description in advertising and aims to provide a new starting step for the advertisers for more progressive gender portrayal. It produces significant thoughts about the leadership, incentives, and support of the advertising ecosystem. 

Digital age- Consumers see ads on digital media and their expectations and interactions with advertisements. The business has restructured itself to balance this new reality. Marketing and information technology is learning how advertisements get created and utilized. Updating our guidelines and procedures to keep consumers safe in the digital age is a predominant focus for ASCI. 

Deployment of technology: The use of technology tools, machine learning, and AI systems to track and measure advertising content is going to be a crucial part of ASCI. Technology will assist ASCI to be more careful, more real-time in managing the quiet explosion of advertising content. Deployment of technology in its charge management system will also facilitate a smoother interaction between consumers, industry, and other stakeholders among ASCI. 

The next phase of challenges impacts the interests of consumers in new ways. With new-age challenges posed by the digital age, ASCI must leap into becoming a contemporary thought leader and add greater value to consumers, industry, and all our stakeholders. The new logo represents this very interesting phase of ASCI’s journey and the vibrant and optimistic outlook of responsible advertising.

The idea of creativity with efficiency is central to ASCI. The logo reflects the uncertain nature of media platforms in which communication has been created. This simple and general font determines an organization opening up to newer kinds of stakeholders, an organization that is collaborative and demonstrates leadership in bringing together the needs of different stakeholders. 

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