Euronics signs Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador


Hrithik Roshan has signed on as a brand ambassador for Euronics, a public bathroom automation accessories company. For the following year, Hrithik will be the face of the brand’s advertising.

The ad promotes a line of sanitary gear intended for a more sophisticated audience looking for the high-quality, cutting edge on accessories and a piece of equipment to promote health and cleanliness around making people aware of how important cleanliness is.

“In line with the fundamental idea of producing a new range of goods geared to a post-pandemic society, Euronics chose Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador – as the Superstar resonates with the Indian people as a health and fitness champion,” says the company.

“Hrithik has established himself as a trustworthy character, synonymous with quality in his field of work, an element that Euronics appreciates in their products as well,” the company noted.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Hrithik Roshan on our brand campaign, which is aimed at a segment of the population that is more aware and makes a deliberate decision to safeguard their health and safety,” said Euronics CEO and MD Viknesh Jain.

This is an area where our Brand’s attitude aligns with Mr. Hrithik’s; we both aspire to serve the public good. His body of work, which includes variety and progression, is extremely similar to how we work.

We pay attention to our audience and strive to create outcomes that meet international standards. It’s an added plus that he’s an idol whose lifestyle is a source of inspiration for families and individuals across India.

“The pandemic has taught us a lot, and preserving health and cleanliness is no longer a choice, but a way of life,” Hrithik Roshan remarked of the brand and the new relationship. My decision to work with Euronics as an ambassador is based on my values. Euronics meets my sanitation problems, which I prioritize for my family and all of my partners.

Euronics has created certain goods that can help a person improve their level of living through automation and innovation. Finally, we all want the best for our homes and personal spaces, which is why Euronics is my first choice.”

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