GPUs are the hot accessories for present and upcoming market


In today’s market, the demand for Graphics card processors has increased within the market, and that they became one of the foremost sought-after PC components today.

Currently, the reigning champions within the GPU market are AMD and NVIDIA and their high-end cards have already been completely sold call at the market.

With Intel soon entering the graphics market the competition will grow even fiercer and thus the demand will certainly rise again. All this has led to tremendous growth within the GPU market and it’s reported to be over 123 million units sold in Q2 2021.

The major reason behind this craze is that GPUs have extremely powerful and thus the present silicon crises have made them scarce within the market. Even if the prices for the cards are extremely high, buyers empty the products as soon as they arrive on the shelf.

Jon Peddie Research, a search and analyst firm, which focuses on the technology field, stated within the ir report that the GPU growth in the second quarter of 2021 shows some pretty interesting numbers.

Coming to the entire number of GPUs sold in Q2, the sales were adequate to 123 million units which suggests that 123 million chips are being distributed across the world . When we compare this to an equivalent period of Q2 2020, this year’s saw a 37% increase Year-over-Year (YoY).

The overall estimation of the annual GPU compounding rate will grow 3.5% during 2020-2025 and may reach the whole number of three ,318 million units shipped therein period. Coming to the individual contributions of the GPU vendor, AMD’s share declined by 0.2%, Intel grew by 0.1%, and Nvidia has also experienced growth of 0.06%.

The overall market share of all the company’s also increased, and AMD increased its shipments by 2.3%, Intel’s shipments rose by 3.6%, and Nvidia had the absolute best shipment growth 3.8%. however, the rise in shipments of the corporate isn’t only associated with the discrete graphics cards but is additionally associated with integrated graphics.

Currently, AMD and NVIDIA are fighting for the highest spot within the GPU market and with the arrival of Intel, it’ll be interesting to ascertain how the GPU market will change.

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