Q2 2021 Higher Internet of Things Finance and Investment


Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more popular in mainstream and landscape activities. The world is seeing increasing integration of IoT applications and platforms. This technology has shown significant growth and has helped drive the growth of many corporate enterprises. The sensor technology built into IoT devices will continue to be cheaper and more advanced than today. He continues to grow with modeling analytics and modeling experience with cloud solutions and simulations. Companies will be encouraged to connect their existing technology devices to the IoT to be confident in their abilities. The IoT market is growing and attracting large amounts of funds. This article presents the main sources of financing and investment in IoT in 2021.


Amount collected: US $ 70 million.

Transaction type: Series B

Key investors: Forward Partners, Triple Point, and others.

Ably provides a set of APIs to build, extend and deliver powerful digital experiences to its users in over 80 countries. Large organizations like Bloomberg, HubSpot and others depend on the company’s platform to grow their business and retrieve data efficiently and cost-effectively.


Total collected: 6.5 million US dollars.

Variation type: currency

Principal Investor: ANIMO Ventures

Mapping is an AI-engine database-based site for the Internet of Things to strengthen the API community. The company is focused on quickly integrating all devices on the web into business and enterprise IoT environments to simplify data aggregation operations.


Number of repairs: USD 10 million.

Function description: not specified

Key investor: Smart Argo and others.

Supplants is one of the world’s leading hydraulic technology and product companies. The company’s unique technology can save water in global production and improve production and sales.


Total raised: $25M

Type of trade: Series C

Main investor(s): Middleland Capital, S2G Ventures and others

The company provides services such as machine learning surveys and insights for agricultural statistics. Its products use ML, sampling and data science tools to collect and analyze data and quickly transform it into usable processes.


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