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The advent of digitization, the advent of 5G and the development of Industry 4.0, and advances in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud are changing the world market for any big and big company. The implementation of complex projects based on flexible technologies is necessary to successfully introduce and drive innovation. Retail tried to satisfy the needs of the communications market by writing a growth plan and basing the value of its assets over the last five years. Retail closed two main M&A deals to meet growing demand from local and international companies. It is funded with skills and competencies to cover both digitization and key ICT applications such as infrastructure, information, communication, and software. Market analysis requires statistical designs that are specifically designed beyond the COVID database.
The company is focusing on improving internal solutions, a partnership with Huawei, which has built a multi-cloud platform to manage hybrid cloud solutions. They also include cloud services in their database of external and cloud-wide workflows provided by customers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. These two clouds offer a wide variety of IT services models and high levels of flexibility. It is based on Openstack software that allows Retelit customers to benefit from an open, flexible, flexible, and customer-free environment. That said, Retelit showed a strong focus on his urban service head. The CEO of the company, Frederico Prodotto, is looking forward to moving forward with the goal of greater integration between communications and cloud solutions. This will integrate the new services at the IP layer.
Retail also created a voice standard to regulate the needs and desires of consumers after an illness. The team can respond and adapt to the communication needs of any type of business, such as large offices, and guarantee the integration of telephone communications with the best quality services. The voice service is based on Voice over IP (VoIP) which allows calls over the Internet, guaranteeing scheduled transactions. It also offers many of the benefits of United Communication, including Direct Routing to Microsoft Teams, IVR, and Autonomous Managed Services.

New technologies are suddenly creating a huge impact on markets like interrupted music streaming, TV and lots of movies, social media disrupting the media industry, and so on. The company tends to find new businesses and markets with the advent of new technologies. The emergence of the 5G network has created many new possibilities such as network splitting, ultra-low latency, and remotely controlled traffic. Artificial intelligence is increasing efficiency and effectiveness in today’s business models, accelerating the innovation process and eliminating clutter.

There have been significant challenges facing the company in the early stages in achieving these milestones and better performance in recent years. Frederico noted that the company suffered significant losses during its membership in 2014. The shareholders gave him the task of turning the business around. in the right way. He decided to change the way he gained trust in the financial market with this important step. It was a difficult time that reminded people of the life of this company.

But, in addition to facing challenges, Retelit has been designated as a “very small player” in the current situation. The company’s products are as broad as most competitors in the market. A store for adults who like to reduce the number of people to give to by creating a partner where they can start on their success. Retell with customers from the beginning of the journey, the first meeting on new practices and improvements. The company sees a kind of value of network services in the next decade. Retail will increasingly be able to provide medical problems running on its developments. The digital solution is specifically for customers to opt for finished service packages. The brand’s position in the wholesale product market will be strengthened due to the continued growth of bandwidth required globally.
Frederico was named General Manager of Retelit in 2015 for his leadership skills that have developed over 25 years of experience in the TLC segment. He is successfully running the company in a state of flux with his two leadership principles – trust and credibility. He was born in Milan in 1967 and holds an MBA from Bocconi with a Masters’s in IT. He worked for T-Systems International GmbH (Deutsche Telekom Group), where he held various positions. His journey began in 2002 in the B2B sector and he was named COO and Head of International Telecommunications Services in 2010 in 25 countries. He has also held the positions of Director of Customer Service for Southern Europe and Director of Access Network for the entire EMEA region at Verizon Business, as well as Head of Professional Services for opening services to the business market at Telecom Italia.
Frederico has always set precise and appropriate goals, using his professional leadership skills to fund trends and respond to increasing developments in the areas of technology and infrastructure. That said, Retelit has gradually changed its identity to achieve key milestones such as the completion of an internationally renowned AAE-1 cable line project, several M&A projects, and expanding its customer base as individuals. management, business, and government. Leadership at Retelit was further strengthened in recognition of the enthusiasm for expansion plans and diverse development innovation. The KPI improved and reached a historic milestone when the company achieved an operating profit (EBIT) of 2.2 million euros in 2016.

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