Onsitego launches new campaign #BeSureDrinkPure


Water is the necessity of every individual to live a life. Everyone is using water purifiers still they don’t remember to get the service from the organization. So, to spread awareness among the people, Onsitego, one of the leading brands in after-sales services of appliances comes up with a new campaign called #BeSureDrinkPure.

The campaign brings an aim to the issue that only having a water purifier at home is not enough, it is really important to get regular basis servicing provided to the machine so that it works smoothly for a period.

The campaign immediately catches the attention of people as it goes on narrating a common ignorance. The ad of the campaign going viral and appeared from newspapers to billiard boards everywhere. But there are some issues i.e. lack of awareness among people about the necessity of after-sale services in water purifiers.

In the advertisement, a man on the front line, just like a lot of us believes that he is drinking clean and purified water because he got it from the water purifier. But he hardly remembers the water purifier needs after servicing.  If the water purifiers are not serviced, they are not able to provide clean and safe water. By providing regular services, water purifiers can provide clean water and keep us away from water-borne diseases. And this is a stage when Onsitego can help you. Onsitego comprises of well-trained engineers. On a yearly maintenance basis, Onsitego helps in-service issues of water purifiers and keep clean water # BeSureDrinkPure.

Gaurav Goyal – Business Head of Onsitego expresses his views on the launch of the campaign, “According to National Sample Survey (NSS) report, around one-fifth of the total urban people are currently using electric water purifiers at their homes. People thought that purchase of water purifiers are enough for them. But we want to tell the customers that this is not the entire picture. Water purifiers, like other electronic equipment, need regular and basic maintenance. Through this campaign, we want to communicate about the easy way of maintenance and what goes into after service. Also, our engineers are well trained to address any issue of gadgets. Our aim is people to have safe drinking water”.

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