Rahul Garg Launches Mogli Foundation, distribution model for OCs


Rahul Garg CEO of Moglix, declare the launch of his new venture, Mogli Foundation. The Mogli foundation contributes to sectors like Environment, Health, Sciences, financial and physical forms.

The idea came to Rahul Garg during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic when the whole world fighting for the survival and sustainability of the economy. Moglix works continuously to cover the PPE kit supplies and Oxygen Concentrators distribution. Moglix, an innovative distribution model of OCs launched with the motive to support the fulfillment of oxygen needed by habitat. This when realization dawned a lot of innovation, discipline that goes into standing an organization

Rahul Garg – CEO of Moglix said, “ COVID – 19 pandemic shows various health and environment issues for all of us. Especially, the second wave got us thinking that this is a time to do something for the betterment of society as well as the whole community. Mogli Foundation is our respectful attempt to serve society, through searching out the solution by technology and a big hassle. I believe that every small step for the betterment of society counts, and we are setting out to come our little bit.”

Mogli Foundation gives decent platforms to Moglix’s workers to contribute their efforts with a commitment of 50 person-months. The Mogli Foundation also thinks to associate with other innovative organizations such as Give India, ACT,  including other big names to foster collaborates, innovation, and execution. The Founder of the Moglix also contributes capital personally if required by the foundation.

For the last 15 months, Moglix led the distribution and procurement of more than 15 million PPE kits and others safety items to protect the worker as well as the community globally. The Moglix’s association includes the global sourcing of low-cost material and sub-assemblies for the V310 oxygen ventilators. The one has developed by IIT Kanpur, just in time delivery of more than 1000 PPE Kits for ASHA workers in partnership with ACT, Zeolite at PSA plants for the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government and increasing the impact of oxygen concentrators by 100X by a group of innovation sharing model, crossing more than 500,000 lives of people.

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