#Drinkwater goes trending following Ronaldo’s Press Conference


Portugal football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is trending on the net and which isn’t for becoming the highest goal-scorer within the Euro history but for removing two Coca-Cola bottles at a news conference. During a recent press conference, he removed two Coca-Cola bottles with the slightest hint of desertion and set them aside while holding up a water bottle. With his most delicate actions, the star being a fitness enthusiast is asked people to drink water rather than soft drinks. The straightforward act sent the coke shares tumbling down by the end of the conference. The video has taken the web by an uproar. 

In contrast, many are busily exhumating old videos of the football legend promoting aerated beverage within the past, while others are busy creating memes on the incident. The enduring moment triggered many memes online; now, people have also begun to develop spoof videos of the same.  

In India, desi users and influencers are busy analyzing the footage to look for the rationale behind Ronaldo’s actions. A meme morphed Amrita Rao onto the scene with the caption’ Jal lijiye’, meaning ‘please take water.’ Then there’s the adhesive brand Fevicol used the chance to market their brand. Fevicol’s ad features two bottles of its popular adhesive Photoshopped onto the conference table. With the caption saying, “Na bottle hategi, na value ghategi (neither will the bottle move nor will the value drop),.”  

Strangely, after Ronaldo’s gesture during Euro 2020, other footballers seem to have picked up the trend after him. More players followed his lead and removed bottles of sponsors from the conference table. While Italy’s Manuel Locatelli removed cola bottles similar to Ronaldo, French footballer Paul Pogba removed a Heineken beer bottle during his conference. Meanwhile, Ukraine captain Andriy Yarmolenko made everyone laugh by moving both Coca-Cola and beer bottles closer and asking the sponsors to get in touch with him soon. Finally, Russian coach Cherchesov countered Ronaldo’s stance and picked up the cola bottle, taking a sip at the conference. 

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