Interbrand Breakthrough Brands 2021


Interbrand is a  brand valuation methodology that seeks to supply an upscale and insightful analysis of your brand, providing a transparent picture of how your brand contributes to business results today, along with a roadmap of activities to make sure that it’s delivering even more tomorrow. 

Having pioneered brand valuation in the 1980s, they need a deep understanding of the impact of strong brands on the key stakeholder groups that influence the performance of the business. Interbrand has kicked off with the 4th edition of its Breakthrough Brands 2021 report. The report includes the companies that are challenging categories and cultural norms, pushing innovation, exploring new areas, and making even the most important competitors. Hence, Breakthrough Brands 2021 celebrates the start-ups, upstarts, and challengers making an enormous impact within the world. 

They believe that personal care brands tackling with taboos like dark skin. Rather than promoting fair skin, many brands now encourage healthy skin. And start-ups are now representing and empowerment communities in areas they’d been previously overlooked or discriminated against. There is also a gaming‘s dominance, and its influence is gradually increasing. They report that gaming has grown from a mere pass-time activity to a mainstream pass-time over the past decade. It has broken away from the bonds of being in limited space and went online encouraging multiplayer campaigns, and it is becoming a channel in its own right. Its increasing popularity and influence have led to the “gamification” of other industries, from sports betting and fitness to finance and healthcare. The report also mentions brands like Pipe, Dapper Labs, and high-end cycling company Zwift, which uses game like graphics to capture the adventurous journey each route will bring. And as gaming blends and bleeds into different arenas, its rich visual culture and history prove to be a well of inspiration for graphic designers and design thinkers alike. 

Their further analysis shows that a greater emphasis on birth and childrearing is seen. As Millennials became parents shortly before or during the pandemic, an entirely new set of digital and tech solutions are growing and introduced to assist them through an already vulnerable and fearful time. The Breakthrough Brands 2021 report outlines 30 brands challenging their respective categories and breaking through within the US market. 

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