Europe’s travel woes increase as hundreds of flights cancelled


German Lufthansa planes have been parked in a line at Munich airport, Germany. Lufthansa company said that they have to cancel almost all inbound and outbound Lufthansa flights in Frankfurt and Munich hubs.

Lufthansa said on Tuesday 27 July that they have canceled more than 100 flights due to a strike organized by the union. Since in total numbers the Lufthansa company had to cancel a total of 1,023 flights at the airport of Frankfurt and Munich. This strike and the cancelation of flights have affected about 1,34,000 passengers in one day.

In the airport of Frankfurt, the total number of flights cancelled is 678 flights. This cancellation affects 92,000 passengers. In the airport of Munich hubs, the total number of flights cancelled is 345 flights, and this cancellation affects 42,000 passengers.

In total, 1,023 cancelled flights and a total of 1,34,000 passengers affected.

The airline stated that the passengers could not board the flight to Munich on 27 July from the following cities: Singapore, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bangkok, New York, Chicago, Seoul, and many others as they planned to travel.

A lot of passengers also could not to travel to Frankfurt from the following cities: Miami, New Delhi, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, and many others as planned because of a strike by a union on 27 July stated by Lufthansa airline.

Lufthansa airline will immediately inform all the passengers about the cancellation of flights on 27 July and will try their best to rebook their flights on the alternative flights to that place if possible, meanwhile, the company also stated that the capacity for alternative flights is limited.

The Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director of Lufthansa, Michael Niggemann said that the escalation of the previous collective bargaining round is causing much more damage. It affects their passengers who all are traveling during the peak travel season.

This is putting more burden on all its employees for air traffic phases. In addition, they said that for the strike held in the middle of the summer travel season, they are going to increase 10 percent substantial pay to pay the group 3,000 euros monthly basic pay, and 6 percent more to pay the groups 6,500 euros monthly basic pay.

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