EuroSafety Group shows #MainAzaadHuKyunkiMainSurakshitHu with its Campaign to celebrate Independence Day


August 2022: Euro Safety Group, one of the leading integrated manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of PPE, has recently launched its new digital campaign #MaiAzaadHuKyunkiMaiSurakshitHu to celebrate the spirit of patriotism on India’s 75th Independence Day. The campaign is conceptualised and designed by Euro Safety Group.

The digital film features the Euro Safety workers and shows freedom from fear: how a safe person feels free and how release comes from being safe. It highlights the importance of the brand’s product and equipment. The objective of the campaign is to build trust among the people in their products and equipment as every person who is safe at work is free from the fear of accidents.

Commenting on the campaign, Varun Budhiraja, Director – Euro Safety Group said, “Often as corporates, we sometimes forget the essence of an important occasion such as Independence Day. But with this campaign, we ensured the true essence and values of freedom and independence were effectively portrayed through our film, driving a strong message.”

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