Extra marks launch its new film #SikhaoSukoonSe


This Teachers’ Day, Extra marks Education, India’s trusted Ed-tech giant, has released a new film titled #SikhaoSukoonSe, featuring teachers employing Extramarks – The Teaching App for school and classroom activities.

The film displays a modern view of teaching and emphasizes how The Teaching App aids teachers in the teaching process, skill building, and professional development.

With this campaign, Extramarks education encourages a much-needed conversation to make education powered by innovation and advancement to ensure that teachers are supported with adequate technology tools & resources to improve classroom learning outcomes.

Commenting on the film’s motive, Arpit Agarwal, Vice-President- Extramarks Education, said, “Teaching is a complex, multifaceted activity, often requiring teachers to juggle multiple tasks and professional goals simultaneously and flexibly.

 With this film, we reflect our vision of empowering teachers with 21st-century skills to effectively manage their teaching needs through an all-exclusive platform- The Teaching App.

We will continue to build on the Teaching App and add more teachers’ focused elements to make teaching more rewarding, inclusive and digitally enabled.”

Conceptualized by Social Panga and executed by The Yellow Shutter, the 92-second video showcases a school staff room environment with teachers using Extramarks- The Teaching App to manage their workload.

The principal enters the staff room in the film’s first scene and notices that every teacher is focused on a laptop screen. The scene then turns to an uncertain moment where the uninformed principal questions the teachers individually about the notices sent to parents for PTM, the questions being prepared, and the presentations being created.

The scene cuts and shifts toward the teachers attributing their spontaneous and confident responses to efficiently managing their classroom activities, such as notifying parents for parent-teacher meetings, creating question papers, creating lecture presentations, conducting assessments, and quickly accessing vast repositories with a single click on their smartphones.

The film ends on a pleasant note as the principal chooses to attend the workshop with the teachers. The film will be live on YouTube and all social media channels in five languages Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

Launched early this year, Extramarks – The Teaching App is a one-stop solution to set up online classes coupled with a robust assessment platform, extensive content repository, live class platform and digital classroom management tools.

 The app is free for home tutors to enable them to take their first step toward digitization.

Furthermore, the App also offers the STAR program – a unique rewards program, that enables teachers and tutors to collect rewards points for their daily app usage.

 The program rewards teachers with benefits like EM exclusive travel experiences, foreign vacations, gift vouchers, business-focused promotional and revenue-enhancing tools (setting up a website, Google Ads) and access to multiple skill development workshops.

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