EY Announces Strategic Alliances With Lease Accelerator


EY is one of the top leaders in assurance tax and consulting services. They provide good quality services that help them to be trusted in the capital markets and economies all over the world. The key element for their success is outstanding teamwork. Through their teamwork, they try to deliver their promise to all their stakeholders. They ensure a good working world for their people and clients. Through the relationship with the industry leader’s technology and host of business with specialized capabilities, it will helps to experience the toughest challenges of the clients and helps them to overcome it.

EY announced a strategic alliance with Lease Accelerator which offers for all sized organizations which provide a transformational lease accounting and contract management service. With additional global expansion, it will be activated in Germany. By combining EY’s experience and global footprints with lease accelerators lease accounting and lifecycle management software the alliance will allow the organization with a service, which enables them to fulfill their needs globally. One of the key elements to unlocking the hidden potential in the organization is transparency and it includes reduce cost, preserving cash and, increase the flexibility of contractual obligations. The lease portfolio control and flexibility are very necessary elements in these days. Because the business is facing new challenges and economic instability due to the widespread of COVID-19. Nowadays, organizations are demanding modern software to utilize time resources and their talent very effectively. EY teams have the capacity and the ability to serve their clients with the transparency and flexibility which will help them to manage their lease portfolio and to reframe their future during or after COVID-19. They can assist their clients on the necessity to provide a broad, managed service offering.

Working together with the lease accelerator provides the EY teams to assist clients to provide a broad management service offering. One of the main issues that many organizations face is that leasing is a broken process lacking accountability control and experience. They had combined with lease accelerator with EY professionals to address this problem by offering them an opportunity for financial leaders to refocus on their mission by outsourcing the leasing life cycle to a proven trusted and truly globalization.

Business in all ranges gets to experience in lease accounting and contract management to scale their needs. They are seeking new ideas to treat their clients for their better future. The integrated EY management now offers a very healthy long term and affordable way which helps everyone to win.


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