Facebook introducing new pages experience


Facebook has declared that it redesigned its Settings page to create it easier for users to seek out and alter privacy and other settings with simplified options.

Facebook efforts to enhance the people’s experience and, by resigning the Facebook settings page, will make it easier to search out. Streamlined layout and keeping all the previous settings. The Audience needn’t worry about a way to start and manage the ads that individuals are watching, adjusting sharing settings, or curating an audience for posts. That’s why Facebook decided to scale back the number of categories and renaming them to match closely the people’s models.

The New Design layout has been started on August 4 and is available to support the devices via the update. These new features have lesser categories compared to before.

Settings are categorized into six groups and each contains- Account, preferences, Audience and Visibility, permissions, your Information and Community Standards, and Legal policies.

The company has relocated several standalone settings. For example, Newsfeed settings are previously in a longer category of their own, but now under the preferences, it is grouped with similar settings.

This redesign of settings will roll out for Android devices, smartphones and tablets, and also IOS devices which include iPhones and iPad series.

Also, added the new privacy shortcut right at the highest of the settings page. It makes users change easily the privacy and security aspects. Also, created many standalone settings.

Some more improvements are in setting search function to form it easier to search out the settings we need if we don’t know the precise name and location of the settings that we are trying to find.

To simplify way for the people to attach with their favorite Pages Removing Likes and focusing on Followers.

What’s New:

·         layout redesigning in a simpler and more intuitive

·        To discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans of the dedicated news feed.

·        Easy navigation

·        Updated task-based admin controls

·        More relevant notifications and insights

·        detecting spam content and impersonator accounts that are Safety and integrity features.

This new settings page will be easier for users to visit settings, find what they came for, and make the changes they want, the social networking giant.

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