Fastrack and Coca-Cola have teamed up to create “Awesome Together.”


Fastrack, India’s most popular youth accessory company, has teamed up with Coca-Cola for massive collaboration. Fastrack launched ‘Awesome Together’ with a digital campaign that featured teasers and films that teased a selection of ultra-cool timepieces for Gen-Z.

To engage its audiences, Fastrack has developed a unique approach to publicizing the Fastrack | Coca-Cola relationship. The ‘Awesome Together’ campaign honors the distinctive spirit of the two renowned young brands by combining a fizzy mixture that amps up the cool factor.

The firm hopes that creating these one-of-a-kind timepieces, it will stimulate feelings of love and free-spiritedness in our young audience, who exemplify such values like no one else. Clean simple designs, whimsical, happy tiny accents on the dial, and vibrant splashes of color characterize the collection, which starts at Rs 1895/-.

“We are happy to be unveiling another new and unconventional relationship with an effervescent brand like Coca-Cola,” said Mr. Ajay Maurya, Marketing Head, Fastrack.

The inspiration for this campaign came from the realization that we live in a time where the opportunity for people to come together has never been greater. While we can achieve greatness on our own, collaborating with the right partner can elevate greatness to something truly exceptional.

Over the years, youth-focused companies have been bringing Generation Z together, and now that things are looking up, we’re celebrating the uptick in optimism with our #AwesomeTogether campaign. It provides the youth a motivation, like Fastrack and Coke, to keep generating innovations and cultivating an inclusive mindset.”

The digital campaign began with Instagram stories teasers about an epic partnership, followed by a Fastrack approach to announcing the cooperation with ‘Breaking Hearts posts.’ The #AwesomeTogether campaign and the watches were then revealed in a series of short movies, each with its own mood and personality.

On Instagram, the brand has an AR Filter to engage with followers and learn ‘How much Coke/Fastrack you have in you?’ There are plenty of chances to get your hands on some products from this fascinating collection thanks to several contests on social media and store-based activations.

Young people will benefit from the collaboration since they will be able to get their hands on the finest of both brands in the form of a single product range.

Fastrack has released nine timepieces in Coca-trademark Cola’s colors, all of which were inspired by the trendiest beverage in town’s diverse design aspects.

The items are lively, with an inventive design in black and red, as well as elegant straps that give a sleek and fashionable style at affordable rates while expressing how new connections and diversity of ideas are wonderful when combined.

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