Fastrack launches all-new Ruffles collection


After the successful launch of the Fastrack Fitouts collection, now the brand has released its new Ruffles collection campaign, featuring Bollywood star Ananya Panday. To promote this most recent collection, the campaign was produced by Lowe Lintas.

Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack stated: “With an effective release of Fit Outs, the primary collection under Fastrack x Ananya Panday joint effort, Fastrack is good to go on its style venture with a subsequent release – The Ruffles. The Gen Z’s of today have many shifted aspects as a part of their character, and products by Fastrack will engage them all. The Fit Outs assortment was intended for the fun and young girls, while Ruffles will contact a harmony with those unusual divas. This energizing new film and their sharp item plans intend to change the meaning of a commonplace diva and urge them to manage everything on their own terms and be their genuine self regardless of whether it implies causing some ruffle on the way.”

The ad film brought about by Lowe Lintas Bangalore is a young, high-style translation of being a Diva among Gen Z. It shows Ananya ruffling some feathers and grasping the spotlight with all the backtalk of a diva, reflecting the energetic appeal of Gen Z young ladies who stay unperturbed by the dissatisfaction with regards to their strong methods of self-articulation. The film delineates instances of the stuff to be a diva in this day and age. From managing fans that number in millions, to managing haters among them; from following crazes to crushing labels; from making one of a kind faction to burning through cash on keeping up that persona. Eventually, what is most important to a Diva is actually the number of quills she ruffles. The film is sprinkled with creases and overlays changing into watches of excellent rose gold and pastel shades.

Discussing the ad, Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas stated: “The Fastrack Ruffles collection is one of the most slobber commendable and wonderfully planned collection sure to make heads turn. The intense and forefront plans discover a similarly strong articulation in the mentality and peculiarities of a new-age diva like Ananya Panday. It’s a great joint effort of composing and filmmaking between the Lowe Bangalore group and Catnip films.”

Remarking on the thought, Ananya Panday stated that she is truly eager to present the most recent, stylish and exceptionally flexible all-new collection, Fastrack Ruffles. It has been intended to offer a strong expression with a modern and exquisite flavour to it. This one is ideal for the young ladies who revel at the center of attention and couldn’t care less the number of quills they ruffle. She loves the collection and looking forward to ruffling the world, together alongside the divas out there!”


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