Ford India brings the ‘Family wali feeling’


Since the Coronavirus pandemic started spreading, many individuals have experienced various levels of isolation. Many lived alone, some with their partners in quarantine and others with their family members. In all these, the common element is the fact that individuals have found ways to remain associated with their loved ones. This is the theme of the latest advertisements for Ford India from GTB. We see a mother driving through a state to the home of her daughter in the first ad film to take care of her, though she is injured, with some food to eat.

Speaking about the campaign, Kaushik Prasad, general manager of Ford India, said the company wanted to draw on the sense of hope that customers seem to have during the festive season. They wanted the theme to be the idea of ‘shubharambh’. He states that in the case of the mother, the new beginning is her driving alone to meet her daughter on the highway.  Prasad also said that the organization decided to carry forward the tagline ‘family wali feeling.’

The second film explores friendship-sharing the story of two friends who have not met in a while. The car serves as an ice-breaker in this sense, allowing them to interact. The new beginning is a reunion in this ad, the ability to reconcile and resolve past disagreements.

As India is in the unlocking phase, Prasad addresses the need to meet customers through the internet. The intention is to meet customers where they spend more time, he notes. “We used to invest on the digital channel per Re 1 out of Rs 3, and that hasn’t changed.”

During COVID-induced lockdowns, he admits that viewing habits have shifted and says that he needs to wait and see how customers respond to the latest ads. In addition to this commercial, Ford marketed its ‘Flair’ model and its service package, including the car’s pick-up and drop-off.

Recently,  Ford India launched its Doorstep Service, enabling its customers to decide to have their Ford vehicles serviced at home or office at no extra cost. This new product extends the projects introduced under Dial-A-Ford, where the helpline answers both sales and support requests. Among other tasks protected by scheduled service, Ford Doorstep Service includes critical care check-ups, component repairs such as philters, oil replacement, and dry-washing. Customers will have the option to make online purchases after the service. 


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