Aamir Khan in “Samaj Aayega toh Maza Ayega” campaign of Vedantu


Ed-tech start-up Vedantu has roped in Bollywood actor & filmmaker Aamir Khan for its latest ad campaigns, with the tagline, “Samaj Aayega toh Maza Ayega, Maza Ayega toh Samajh Ayega,” with six-ad film series conceptualized by The Script Room. Vedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform in India, where teachers provide online teaching to students using WAVE – an in house technology which is a real-time virtual learning environment.

The campaign conveys the ease of Vedantu’s LIVE online learning including LIVE interactive platform, question-solving, super coders, etc. The stories are told in a way that learns the fears that any parent would have about online learning with a humour narrative, shedding insights into live online learning, portrayed by Aamir Khan.

The director of these ads, Mr. Prasoon Pandey, who adds his personal touch to the campaign, said, when he heard about the concept, he realized that he wanted to be part of the team and work on it. A cute and endearing human tale was generated by the fact that a father starts to get jealous of the relationship between his children and Vedantu.

Shivani Suri, Chief Marketing Officer, Vedantu, commented on the ad campaign’s objective: “We aspire to build Vedantu synonymous with LIVE learning and revolutionize India’s online education through holistic interactions that encourage effective learning. The initiative focuses on reaching out to parents through a series of really relatable films to address their legitimate questions about online learning. The role of an active parent is wonderfully portrayed by Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador while adding his charisma to the character.

According to Rajesh Ramaswamy, co-founder of The Script Room. This category is interesting and fresh. At present, most of the parents are dealing with this modern way of schooling and are curious. At this point, it is important to highlight several facets of online education. So, we had to come up with an interesting way to use Aamir. Our concept was to turn all features and advantages of Vedantu into fascinating slice-of-life tales, embedded in some simple, easy-to-relate contexts. In reality, the whole team, Prasoon, and Aamir, were more like partners and collaborators. Everyone had a blast doing it and It’s so passionate and full of ideas.


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