TIBCO aims to extend growth to APAC markets


TIBCO Software is a company that focuses on big data and software integrations. TIBCO is common because of its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. The Company provides application integration, business activity monitoring, connected vehicles, hybrid cloud integration, intuitive data visualization, reporting, dashboards, and streaming analytics solutions.

Recently, TIBCO announced a disruptive approach that enables enterprises to build analytics applications that combine visual analytics with data science and real-time data-streaming capabilities. TIBCO Software serves service to customers worldwide.

TIBCO doing aimed amid the pandemic, in APAC(Asia-Pacific)Market:

 They provide a vertical solution rather than a horizontal provider to heavily affected industries such as aviation and tourism which are parts of the market that increases the demand in telecommunications, logistics, and government. The hyper coverage pillars connect, unify, and predict, focus to unify, and manage data.

Tibco partners with cloud providers to make its capabilities extend to companies that are moving to the cloud, particularly in Asia because they host almost all services in the cloud. Some markets, like South Korea, have already moved to the cloud because they are usually very innovative in areas like cashless payments. In Southeast Asia, there are markets that are still standing behind cloud adoption, but that will definitely change, with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud making big opportunities in a market like Indonesia. Some donations are for on-premise software, while others are related to services in the cloud. So, they partner with major cloud providers like Google cloud to make sure the market understands what the company does.

 In Vietnam and Cambodia, the global cloud providers may not have established a direct presence or infrastructure even though demand for cloud is growing because they build their own data lines into some of their markets, so they do not depend on any local telco. Even though Vietnam is an important market based on the size of its population and their keen adoption of technology according to their rate of smartphone adoption versus the population.

 Therefore, Tibco is known for constantly augmenting its platforms with new capabilities. APAC customers are going beyond basics and tapping more advanced analytics capabilities, such as models. What they doing now used to be called business intelligence, for visualizing data once an organization was able to capture all the data that was somewhere in their ecosystem.


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