EagleView announces an exclusive partnership with Skydio for better property inspection via drone


EagleView is a foremost aerial imaging and data analytics company with deep skill in machine learning and building inspections, which has recently announced an exclusive property inspection partnership with Skydio for automated residential roof inspection with drones. Skydio is the American drone company well known for the Artificial Intelligence ability of its products. This collaboration will lead to sales of 5,000 drone and a greatly more efficient system for inspecting damaged roofs.

This exclusive partnership is a part of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar which provides Skydio House Scan™ to some major country markets. The partnership reveals the ability of precision drone technology and AI to insurance carriers, government bodies, and claims adjusters which will result in the huge ever commercial drone deployment with thousands of units deployed.

Chris Jurasek, CEO of EagleView stated that they are thrilled to partner with Skydio to distribute breakthrough innovation for the residential roof inspection that puts independent drone technology and unique image quality to work for their customers. Their images are 16 times clearer than those of satellites, and with Skydio’s drones, people will be allowed to not only spot a dime on the roof but also can see the face of Franklin D. Roosevelt punched on it. This partnership permits customers to confidently make decisions while lowering costs.

The Skydio 2 drone technology with Skydio House Scan software allows an intuitive flight experience. It permits autonomous data capture of a residential roof with accuracy and completeness, providing unmatched image clarity and property intelligence. Jointly, EagleView and Skydio supply a complete drone inspection solution for home properties that generates a facet-by-facet flight plan and independent flies the inspection for consistent, overall image capture for virtual property evaluation.

Skydio’s software can fly a drone better than a pilot and that ability makes Skydio 2 the best choice for any kind of repetitive work that requires gathering and processing data. It is all about automation. By partnership, it helps in doing roof inspections for insurance reasons as efficiently and accurately as possible. Actually, no one needs to ‘fly’ the Skydio 2 drone, it will do that itself. The only the operator needs to do is outline a polygon on all sides of the boundaries of the building in question.

EagleView trusts there’s real teamwork in integrating the expertise of the two firms. This is a very remarkable announcement capitalizing on the power of two companies and a clear need in the marketplace. It’s also a dig to the power of excellent artificial intelligence which permits the process to be automated and smooth. Over three years 5000 drones are a lot of drones and it’s expected this partnership will increase in size to offering services in other countries.


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