Ford launches ‘Zindagi’ as part of the social series ‘Discover More’


Ford India is back with its new artistic work as part of its ‘Discover More’ social experiment, having flicked right at customer heartstrings with some innovative gems. What is fascinating is that such content is played with poetry by the brand, thus providing sufficient space to display their cars as well.

Industry analysts decide as to whether the spot continues to bring the message home just right when massive amounts of other spots have been published that have sought to empower through the shutdown.

For Anupama Ramaswamy, the managing partner and national creative director, Dentsu Impact, the creative began quite well, but somehow it trundled and lost its sharpness. She said that she tried diligently to understand the relation with the company and failed to sort out the exact meaning the commercial was intended to express. She said she would like to see a path leading to the future too.

This place combines the poetry with the background of COVID-19, and is an ode to life, as the title says. The imaginative work is filmed by Word of Mouth Media around the lovely green Himalayan foothills around Dehradun, with the well-known poet and artist Vineet Pancchi rendering an equally impactful recitation.

In the meantime, Founder-Creative Head Jagdish Acharya, Cut The Nonsense, said, “The Ford film gives no reason to watch it till the end. We’ve seen too many storylines driven by this kind of feel-good non-story montage focused on voice-over. A car makes for a personal safety space, a security shield that could have been utilised in today’s context. But Ford is now opting for a standardised wallpaper.’

Chirag Raheja, Creative Director said that he loves this piece because of its narration and insights. “‘Zindagi ruki toh thi … par sikhati gayi …’ is a lovely line that catches the sweet phase of life at a standstill. I think it’s interesting and thoughtful-a strong narrative of how a car is an enabler, and how it can be used to revive the little joys or direct goodness down our narrow streets.

The five-film initiative intends to include a follow-up series including a crowd-sourced original insightful verse about the public and fans’ self-discoveries.


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