Five Technologies Battling for Supremacy Post COVID 19


Technology is evolving day by day defining the next the frontier for the modern enterprises, competitors, and the industry at the large. A recent 23rd Annual global CEO survey by the PWC titled Navigating the rising tide of uncertainty shown that 69% of the CEO is worried about the speed of recent advancement in the technology and are struggling to keep in track of it whereas only 23% were admitted that they are confident in the revenue growth prospects in 2020. Technology is playing a vital role in the world chart of their recovery plan post-COVID 19. Technology research and development will become the backbone of innovation.

Here are the 5 technology that will be battling for supremacy after the COVID 19 for creating potential investment opportunities and increases the business.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most embraced technologies that is touted to be the next big technology in the world. The pandemic situation has become a proud moment for artificial intelligence since the transformation of tech. AI supremacy comes from increasing in the remote working model.AI based process is increasing since the company is struggling to bring employees back hence they use AI-based automation software to handle rule-based tasks.

Internet of Things 

The Internet of things proved to be the game-changer post the COVID 19 recovery along with the cloud computing and AI .it was found in a recent study by the researcher by MIT that IoT technology with the connected sensors can detect the disease by helping in monitoring the patient condition. These connections can also minimize the need for humans and perform every activity by monitoring.

Cloud technology

Cloud computing is one of the imperative technology many of the businesses are going forward for cloud computing to adapt and transform their operations by using cloud servers by collaborating with customers and partners. Online grocery retailers are increasing their business by cloud technology and school, colleges are adopting cloud technology to provide online learning. YMCA, planet fitness, and Nike are providing online classes. 


The pandemic has lead to the development of the opportunity for the integration of blockchain which has the strength to change the future of the supply chain, blockchain offers the building block for providing trading partners and trusted transparency of the consumers and secured data and synchronizing the process through mutual agreement.


Robots will help enterprises after COVID19 to relieve their employees from dangerous tasks and to obtain a quick production timeframe and at a low cost. To emerge with the current scenario these machine helpers will be the executive boards.

The impact COVID 19 on the economy will be for a short period. the opportunity of the technology is huge and how the enterprises will adopt the flexible and open-minded approach will help in obtaining happiness in the long run.


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