Flipkart has announced a marketplace with no commissions for merchants


The latest deal from Flipkart, zero percent commission marketplace was announced by Shopsy. With this effort, Flipkart helps to develop and bring smaller merchants in the areas of fashion, food and home online.

This will allow and increase the supply of items and catalogues on the platform and will stimulate the growth of e-commerce in tier 2 towns and cities untouched so far by digital shopping. ‘Shopsy was launched in Walmart in July, which enabled users to become resellers of items using platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook in their network. Using their local network, shops users may distribute a large selection of 15 crore items on behalf of potential consumers from Flipkart via social media and communication applications.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, Shopsy has established a zero-commission marketplace that will assist in organise and bring smaller merchants in the fashion, food, and home sectors online. This will enable and expand the supply of items and catalogues on the platform, as well as stimulate e-commerce growth in tier-II cities and towns that had hitherto been untapped by digital retail, according to the company. Customers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities make about 70% of Flipkart’s total consumer base. Flipkart’s goal with Shopsy is to increase this to 90%. Flipkart thinks that gamification, in conjunction with social commerce capabilities, will assist them in accomplishing this goal.

Shop & Earn is one such function, in which customers may unlock larger rewards by meeting a weekly/monthly objective. This type of gamification will also result in virality and evangelising for e-commerce clients on the periphery. Flipkart has championed several efforts to generate value for its consumers by utilising technology and innovation over the last decade. This creates a solid and necessary foundation for the development of a next-generation social commerce platform. Sellers are already making use of Flipkart’s ad tech platform to supplement the zero-commission plan.

Furthermore, Flipkart’s low-cost logistics network and affordability initiatives such as “Flipkart Pay Later” are two significant levers that might function as game-changers in the context of social commerce. “Our aim with Shopsy is to allow digital commerce for everyone across India,” said Prakash Sikaria, Senior Vice President for Growth and Monetization at Flipkart. We have gotten a tremendous response and are now working to allow numerous projects on the platform to drive growth.

Shopsy is expanding at a rate of one hundred percent every week. The platform is behaving like a regular social app, and virality is beginning to take effect. To speed things up even further, as we advance, we intend to bring the best of e-commerce to social commerce. Shopsy is a significant step in the direction of the Flipkart Group’s commitment to continue extending the scope of e-commerce.

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