Bharat Khatri has been appointed regional digital chief by OMG


Bharat Khatri has been named Chief Digital Officer for Omnicom Media Group (OMG), which operates throughout the APAC.

Khatri is committed to leading digital marketing, manufacturing, marketing and network administration in this region, with over a decade of expertise. He is a strategic digital marketer with over a decade of expertise in the digital and sales sectors, was formerly at Xaxis India as country head, where he led the agency’s programmatic desk and engaged with over 150 advertisers across different industries.

WPP handled programming skills and worked with more than 150 active advertisers across several industries. He spent seven years at Xaxis, including Client Development Manager and Customer Engagement Group Head. He worked with Exponential and Wipro Technologies before Xaxis. Last in 2019, when OMG shifted Rochelle Chhaya, appointed CDO of Apac in 2018, to the job of Apac COO of OMG’s OMD agency, OMG had a Regional Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

The last time in 2019, when Rochelle Chaya, who was designated Apac CDO in 2018, was shifted to the post of Apac COO of OMG’s agency, OMG had a Regional Chairman Digital Officer (CDO). This morning a voice spokesman told Campaign Asia-Pacific, OMG needed someone with the correct degree of knowledge in digital marketing, programming and other parts of analysis to locate the ideal individual to fill a CDO job.

According to Khatri, in his new job, he will collaborate with the executives at OMG in Apac to speed up the implementation of an integrated digital strategy to leverage technology to increase digital channels in terms of efficiency and creativity. He remains located in India (Gurugram) and reports to the Chairman of Investment for OMG Apac, Paul Shepherd.

“Bharat has a fantastic track record in the realm of digital and possesses a unique capacity to turn digital complexity into solutions,” Shepherd said in a statement. “With digital disruption rising and the world of identification becoming more complicated, Bharat’s experience in delivering tangible and quantifiable solutions will be a valuable tool in unlocking advantages for our clients.”

Khatri expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to join OMG at a “pivotal point in our industry’s enormous move to a more fragmented, privacy-first, and precision-second environment,” and cited the company’s “deep foundations in analytics and a big hunger for innovation” as important advantages.

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