Flipkart introduces a new initiative to inspire sellers launches #AaoPhirPakdeRaftaar


A new campaign-“#AaaoFirPakdeRaftaar” has been unveiled by Flipkart, India’s home-grown E-commerce Marketplace, to begin the current post-national lockdown era. It aims to motivate sellers to come together and meet their country’s needs, and to evoke the importance they have to do in consumers ‘ lives while staying inside and following social distance.

The campaign that revolves around “AaoPhirPakdeRaftaar” gives the community of local vendors in India a sense of co-operation and trust. In order to show how the lockdown affects different segments, the main movie navigates the lives of three characters who face different challenges in their field of work through various stories. The movie begins with an executive at Ekart, who is anxious that they should return to work and is nervous about the ongoing recession, the lock-up and future impact on our sellers. Then, it transforms into a small seller’s warehouse that stocks his wife skeptically about the business.

While the main film explores the core theme of giving the sellers optimism and motivating them to resume their business, it also aims at informing sellers about how to improve and maximize their businesses. To this end, smaller films were made, in which scenario stories highlighted Flipkart’s most impactful growth levers, which sellers can use to expand their market. Flipkart operates an innovative communication strategy that provides sellers with real-time assistance to support the sellers to get back on track.

Flipkart comments on the start of the campaign: “Our sellers have become an important part of our company sector, and this time has been a tough moment for them, their families and their employees, and Jagjeet Harode, senior managing director and head of the region. As the country imbues the ‘new normal’ model and businesses start adapting their activities to the pandemic, we want to ensure that our selling community is motivated and motivated equally. Our contribution to your business growth was affirmed and so this initiative was created to inspire you on this path.”

During this time consumers were able to take advantage of e-commerce sites, so this initiative aims to hold sellers ready for it. Via this initiative, Flipkart Seller Hub wants to engage its sellers’ lakhs and the entire community to reaffirm that in these extraordinary times we are standing by it as a homegrown site.


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