For in-content advertising, Berger Paints joins with Whisper Media


Berger Paints India Limited has teamed up with Whisper Media for In-Content Advertising (ICA) for their recent campaign.

Whisper Media will use the digital advertising content of Berger Paints into popular content through tech-enabled, organic creative ideas.

Whisper Media, the world’s leading content advertising company, launched operations in India in January 2019.

Over the last few weeks, the campaign has been running on Zee Marathi, Star Pravah, Zee Telugu, Zee Kannada, Star Suvarna, Zee Tamil, and Star Vijay. Whisper Media is the world’s leading firm, having already carved out a business in Indonesia, India, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia.

At the post-production stage, In-Content Advertising digitally embeds brand advertising information into the content. This is thought to be the most cost-effective and operationally efficient method of integrating branded content while maintaining editorial value.

Sudhir Nair, General Manager, Marketing, Berger Paints India Limited  expressed his thoughts about the partnership:

Marketing is a competition for people’s attention, and as one of the market leaders, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our audience, with television being a significant medium of focus. Whisper Media’s creative solutions not only helped us achieve cut-through for our campaign in the most popular shows among our target demographics in these markets, but they also helped us execute it in record time.

Guneet Anand, Global Revenue Head, Whisper Media commented as:

Whisper Media has worked with over 70 companies and delivered over 100 campaigns across several top-tier broadcasters in the last three years. We are particularly pleased with our ICA (In-Content-Advertising) service and its ability to improve key message recall and unaided brand recognition across campaigns significantly.

Whisper Media were able to demonstrate the real potential of our product through our recent engagement with Berger Paints for their ICA campaign in numerous regional regions. It was an incredible opportunity to bring together some of the brightest brains from across the industry, including Broadcasters, Content Creators, and Brand Strategists, to generate huge efficiency and scalability.

Whisper Media, which was founded in 2014 and now has a global presence in over ten countries, employs over 200 people.

Across these markets, the company has partnered with more than 35 leading broadcasters and content producers, delivering more than 500,000 seconds of brand integrations.

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