Ford India to exit the market? Possibilities explained


After the announcement that the Ford-Mahindra venture is now officially over, the previous seems to be browsing a troublesome phase. Now there are few media reports demanding that Ford India will shut shop soon.

 We attempt to analyze if this is often indeed true. If you see, no new Ford cars are launched in quite a while, and apart from their SUVs just like the EcoSport also as Endeavour, most of the opposite cars from the stable, though very capable, don’t seem to be the primary choice for several buyers.

There was news last year that Ford India is going to be launching the Figo automatic and eventually, after an extended wait the car is now being readied for launch. One thing it did well was have sorted dynamics. the worth tags too did undercut well-established brand names.

The response we got was We don’t discuss speculations and remain committed to serving our customers in India. but there’s an opportunity that the truth could be different. so as to sustain during a cut-throat market like ours, manufacturers got to up their game significantly. Either you play on the north side wherein the margins are lower but the buying populace perceives the merchandise as quite economical or keep introducing new and feature-loaded cars within the market.

Ideally a mixture of both works wonders. With the present situation, these seem a touch bleak for Ford India. While the Figo automatic could be launched by the start of next month in India, it’d be a touch late to the segment which already has the Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and therefore the Volkswagen Polo.

Ford’s two plants – Marimalai and Sanand – are said to be underutilized at the instant. there’s speculation that the fast-growing Ola electric branch might want to accumulate these and begin with their highly ambitious manufacturing plans. Fresh investments also will be an enormous question for Ford India as globally the Blue Oval has been downsizing and has shut plants in multiple locations. While we did see Ford Ranger Raptor lifestyle vehicles with India-specific temporary number plates on our roads, the launch plans of an equivalent are relatively unclear.

Is Ford India going the GM way? Quite possibly. In early 2015, GM did showcase the India-bound new Cruze globally but shortly thereafter the corporate had to finish up its sales operations in our country. this is often despite Mary Barra, the then CEO assuring that GM is ready to take a position in India.

We, at Express Drives, honestly hope that Ford India suppresses these rumors and comes out strong. Maybe the boffins sitting at the Detroit office will see merit to take a position in our market also as infuse interest and therefore the only thanks to doing this is by launching products developed for Indian consumers on a daily basis.

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