Ford plans ‘Bring Back Bronco’ podcast as famed SUV returns


Ford’s “Bring Back Bronco” podcast aims to create excitement for the Broncos return while explaining its cultural significance to younger consumers who may haven’t any memory of the SUV. By creating a podcast, Ford can tell a more complete brand story with an on-demand audio experience that engages listeners on mobile devices and smart speakers. The series comes because the carmaker releases one the most-anticipated vehicles in years. The growing wait list for the 2021 Bronco may mean some customers won’t take delivery of their new SUV for an additional 18 months, Car and Driver reported.

Ford could enhance its outreach to an audience of younger car buyers with its podcast as against through traditional media channels. Almost half (48%) of U.S. consumers ages 12 to 34 say they hear podcasts a minimum of once a month, compared with 37% of the overall population, per a study by Edison Research and Triton. The study also found that the typical amount of time that folks spend taking note of podcasts expanded to six hours and 39 minutes every week this year from 6 hours and 29 minutes in 2019, while the typical listener streams about six podcasts every week.

Ford’s podcast follows other promotional efforts to saturate media channels with advertising for the Bronco. Earlier, this month, Ford worked with Disney on what the automaker described because the first prime-time product was revealed across the media company’s cable, digital and streaming networks. The automaker introduced its Bronco line- up on ABC, ESPN and National Geographic in three-minute videos that were customized for every network, and ran all the videos on streaming network Hulu.

Ford is the latest brand to make a podcast that seeks to interact listeners with a lengthier brand story. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in February began streaming a podcast series that urged travelers to be more adventurous with the additional time afforded by leap year. The “Take the Leap” podcast consisted of three episodes, each hosted by influencers from differing backgrounds. The subsequent month, luxury car brand Lexus released a six-part podcast hosted by author Malcolm Gladwell titled “Go and See.” The podcast followed Gladwell as he visited Lexus’ headquarters in Japan and learned more about how the corporate designs and tests new vehicles. Last, Kraft Heinz launched its first podcast, delving into various aspects of the packaged foods giant’s brands round the globe.


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