#Freedomofchoice- Zeon LifeSciences launches Independence Day Campaign

#Freedomofchoice- Zeon LifeSciences launches Independence Day Campaign

India: To commemorate the 77th Independence Day, India’s largest contract manufacturing company in the Ayurveda and nutraceutical space, Zeon Lifesciences launched a unique campaign named, “#Freedomofchoice” to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices. The campaign is aimed at making people aware about nutritious and indulgent eating with the motto of, “your choice, your well being.”

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Commenting on the campaign, Ms. Yashna Garg, CMO, Zeon Lifesciences shared, “This Independence Day, we wanted to celebrate the freedom of small choices that can make a bigger difference in our lives. We have always believed in promoting the overall wellbeing of individuals, and this campaign marks our efforts to promote healthy living on a larger scale and informing people about small changes in everyday eating that can lead to a healthy and fulfilling life.”

The campaign is launched on social media to engage a large audience and make significant contributions in promoting healthy eating choices. It also highlights recommended food that can be used to create a healthy plate with simple additions and lead healthier lives. By launching this initiative, Zeon Lifesciences aspires to inspire a collective consciousness of the transformative potential inherent in mindful dietary decisions, in alignment with the ethos of Independence Day.