Steadfast Nutrition’s Powerful ‘Haq Se’ Campaign Ahead Of Independence Day Empowers People to Demand Good Nutrition


New Delhi: Well-known sports and wellness nutrition brand Steadfast Nutrition launched a powerful campaign ahead of Independence Day, empowering individuals to not hesitate to demand and eat nutritious, wholesome food. Titled ‘Haq Se’ with the hashtag #FreedomToChooseGoodNutrition, the initiative inspires people to courageously make healthy food choices instead of bowing down to social and peer pressure to eat less or not-so-nutritious food and being a slave to the unhealthy processed food promoted by food and beverage brands. For instance, there is a deep-rooted practice in urban and rural households in India- in high-income and economically weak sections, in ultra-modern and traditional houses of women eating least and the last. 

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Asked about the campaign, Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri said, “Through this campaign, we wanted to empower people to take an independent decision to consume nutritious, healthy, and wholesome food. Many a time people hesitate to take the right nutrition either because of financial constraints, social pressure, or because they are influenced by the aggressive campaigns of food and beverage brands or their peers’ food choices. Prevailing social norms often deprive needier groups like adolescent girls and pregnant women of a share they need as per requirement, thereby leading to undernutrition. Eating less can lead to malnourishment and lower productivity. Steadfast Nutrition believes in the power of good nutrition to improve health. Only when people will empower themselves with the freedom to demand the right food haq se, will India be healthier and fitter.”

The highlights of the campaign are a video featuring celebrity athletes associated with the brand who give a social message, asking people as a society to take decisive steps to make their nutrition right.

The social message by veteran actor and Steadfast Athlete Shweta Gulati on behalf of Steadfast Nutrition resonated well with the audience. The actor calls upon individuals to exercise their freedom to choose good nutrition “so that we as a society fight to make our nutrition right.” “Acha khana khao haq se,” she concludes emphatically. 

In his social message, IPL fielding coach and Steadfast Athlete Biju George says that balanced nutrition is the key to good form and performance- on the field or at work. He asks people not to get into the trap of eating less or unhealthy food due to financial pressure or work constraints. “Poushtik khana maango haq se,” reiterates Mr George in the end. 

In the video, Steadfast Athlete, fitness trainer and stock market trader Mahesh Shelat reveals that his decision to quit his career as an engineer to pursue his passion for fitness and healthy eating was free of social pressures, making it the best decision of his life, “propelling me upward and onward.” He emphasises that lifestyle change has been an integral part of his journey and concludes his message with the punchline, “Ek healthy lifestyle choose karo haq se.

The campaign also encourages people to break stereotypes and barriers in the way of getting the right nutrition by not hesitating to take supplements if they are not able to get good nutrition through dietary sources alone. 

The video concludes asking people to take a pledge to have a balanced diet.