Fujifilm India launches digital campaign ‘Never Stop 2021’


Fujifilm India just launched its “NEVER STOP 2021” brand campaign, emphasizing the company’s commitment to using innovation to address societal concerns. Fujifilm’s successful shift from a photographic film-maker to a firm that contributes to the benefit of society through a variety of business verticals is symbolized by this campaign. 

The NEVER STOP campaign, which launched globally in 2018, was designed to raise awareness about Fujifilm’s commitment to achieving sustainable corporate growth and “never stop” expanding on innovations and expertise. 

The campaign’s 2021 edition highlights Fujifilm’s different divisions that are assisting the world’s evolution and removing impediments to societal growth. 

Fujifilm’s growth from a pioneer of digital imaging to a leader in medical diagnostic solutions, with further expansion into document storage solutions for businesses, is chronicled in this digital video. 

The digital video also documents Fujifilm’s evolution as a full-service healthcare provider, highlighting healthcare solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies like image processing and artificial intelligence. 

Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India, spoke about the company’s commitment and goal for a sustainable world, saying that Fujifilm India has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation. 

It’s all about honouring people’s “Never Stop” mentality and inspiring them to learn about the opportunities that good healthcare can provide. They aim to use their cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and solutions to create the future of healthcare in India, and this advertisement brilliantly captures that spirit. 

They seek to further emphasize their commitment to deliver sustainable products, drive social change and Never Stop Innovating Solutions for a Better World with the introduction of this new campaign. 

The digital film also announces the launch of new Fujifilm India solutions, which are driven by AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Fujifilm has grown through time to become a brand that connects with people, delivers innovation, and solves problems. They want to showcase our long-standing relationship with their customers and introduce them to their latest technology and product offerings through the Never Stop Campaign, while also reinforcing their position as a market disruptor. 

Fujifilm has strived to ‘NEVER STOP’ inventing and upgrading by providing best-in-class goods and services to their customers across sectors. 

The NEVER STOP 2021 campaign will be pushed across print, digital, and out-of-home media to highlight Fujifilm’s advancements in numerous industries to solve large-scale difficulties. 

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