Gamers spend 4.35 billion mins on games on MX in 2021


India’s amusement super app, Mx Player has shared a summary and performance of its diversion platform from the last year.

The web diversion trade has seen AN upward trend since 2020 on the rear of ‘mobile-first development.

Launched in Feb 2020, Games on MX currently hosts over one hundred hyper-casual games which will contend without charge and are available with multiple layers of tournaments and rewards for winners.

The past year saw an enormous rise within the variety of holidaymakers on the platform and also the total time spent on that.

Key Metrics:

With a median of fifty-six minutes per day, users spent a complete of 4.35 billion minutes diversion on the platform 7 billion gameplays were recorded within the year with the very best being 16.1 million in a very single day.

More than 8000 game sessions square measure completed on the platform each minute. Other key highlights embrace.


Casual, Arcade, Survival, Strategy, and Action entrenched nearly seventy-one of the full gameplays on the platform. Among these, Bubble Blast changed into India’s favorite game with over 336 million gameplay.

Within the Mx town Cricket Battle, quite 8,000 sixes were hit each hour out of the full variety of runs scored by the users. Similarly, quite 57,000 missiles were launched each hour throughout the Boom Knight game.


As per the report, Bihar topped the list in terms of gameplays & engagement and non-metro user engagement was 2 hundredth on top of the tube user’s engagement.

Patna, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Bombay were among the highest ten cities that contributed to sixty-six of the gameplays on the platform.


Nearly ninety-six enjoying users were below the age of thirty-five, with 74.3% of them being millennials. Ninety-four gameplays were from users below the age of thirty-five, with 69.4% of them being millennials. The male to feminine magnitude relation was 80:20

Curated to reinforce the diversion expertise for gamers, Games on Mx has become massively standard among the audiences since its debut, going from nine hyper-casual games to over 100+ games that square measure currently offered across its automaton and iOS apps.

Its diversion inventory ranges across classes from standard Indian board games to strategy, quizzes, racing, arcade, sports, action amongst others and caters to numerous users across the length and breadth of the country, that they will fancy without charge.

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