Gas-O-Fast ropes in veteran actors, Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta for their upcoming TVC

Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta for TVC
Gas-O-Fast ropes in veteran actors, Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta for their upcoming TVC

New Delhi, 19th June 2023: Gas-O-Fast, an Ayurvedic antacid brand from the house of Mankind Pharma, recently welcomed acclaimed actor, Paresh Rawal, as endorser and Neena Gupta as enabler to intensify its presence across the Indian Hindi speaking market. Through the collaboration, the brand looks forward to forging a long-lasting relationship with the actors and striking a chord with the audience by establishing a line of natural & easy relatability with them and by extension, the product. 

By onboarding the actors, the brand is all set to take its interaction with the audience a notch higher. As part of the association, a new TVC will be rolled out, along with offline & digital content in the near future. Understanding that the majority of the people in the country are fond of eating delicious delicacies, which at times can lead to various digestive disorders like acidity & gas, the TVC aims to portray the common symptoms & after effects of acidity and how it impacts our daily lives & how Gas-O-Fast is their Asli Indian Solution. 

With the help of this new TVC, the brand provides solutions to fight acidity problems through the window of light-hearted & humorous experiences of a fun-loving modern day, elderly couple. By roping in such natural talents, the brand aims at capturing the imagination of the audience by creating interesting and relatable incidents that the audience can connect with.

Elaborating on the collaboration Paresh Rawal said, “The present-day lifestyle of most people, gives rise to a lot of health issues like acidity, gas and indigestion, which are the most common problems faced by the masses; but to one’s surprise people do not pay any heed to such problems. In order to create awareness around these issues we collaborated with Gas-O-Fast to encourage the audience to take a wholesome ayurvedic remedy for quick relief.”

Similarly, Neena Gupta said, “We see that when it comes to acidity, gas & indigestion problems, people tend to neglect the issue considering it to be a minuscule problem. However, it can lead to persistent discomfort throughout the day and can even give rise to serious health issue in the end. Hence, taking the message PAN India, the TVC with Gas-O-Fast enumerates the benefits of resorting to the antacid brand in the most fun and engaging way.”  

Speaking on the occasion, Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “We are very excited and elated to onboard Mr. Paresh Rawal and Ms. Neena Gupta who are much praised and recognized across the country for their legendary works. The actors perfectly fit the role of a modern, elderly couple dealing with acidity problems with a sense of wittiness humour attached to it. Drawing on their popularity, we want to intensify our presence across the country and strengthen the top-of-the-mind recall value amongst the audience. Also, Paresh Rawal & Neena Gupta are roped in opposite each other for the first time onscreen, which brings in a certain uniqueness to this pairing, just like providing real jeera as an ingredient provides uniqueness to our brand. We are positive, this collaboration will go a long way to establish Gas-O-Fast further into the minds of the consumers as their one stop solution to all problems related to acidity, gas & indigestion.”