Society Pass Inc (Nasdaq: SOPA)/Gorilla Global Releases Its Next Generation Mobile Telecoms App Targeted at Travelers in Southeast Asia

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Singapore, 19 June 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Gorilla Global (“Gorilla”), the mobile telecommunications arm of Society Pass Incorporated (“SoPa”) (Nasdaq: SOPA), Southeast Asia’s (SEA) next generation, data-driven, loyalty, fintech and e-commerce ecosystem, today announces the release of its next generation mobile telecoms app, offering a full suite of smart digital mobile communication solutions for travelers and working professionals in the SEA region.

Customers can now download Society Pass either on:

● Apple Store or

● Google Play.

With the motto of “STAY CONNECTED, GET REWARDED”, Gorilla works with over 500 mobile operators across 190 countries, providing affordable roaming mobile data to business travelers in the SEA region and around the world through its proprietary e-SIM product. Embedded in the user’s mobile phone as a virtual SIM card, which eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, e-SIM technology offers the convenience of managing multiple cellular providers on a single device for traveling abroad and even separate plans for personal and business purposes. And later in 2023, Gorilla will launch its revolutionary Switchback Rewards feature, which allows any unused mobile data and credit to be converted into SOPA Loyalty Points and redeemed for rewards and offers across the SOPA platform. With a virtual mobile number, Gorilla’s users access cost-effective data plans to enjoy a reliable internet connection worldwide. And through its tiered data plans, Gorilla’s customers enjoy global mobile internet and have full control over their data spending.

Asia Pacific currently has over 100 million business travelers, representing more than 30% of the world’s market. According to Amadeus, by 2025, corporate travel spending in Asia Pacific is forecast to double and account for half of the world’s total. Rokas Sidlauskas, Chief Marketing Officer of SoPa, elaborates, “Gorilla’s next-generation technology is targeted to the fast-growing business travel segment here in SEA. Our digital e-SIM product allows customers to buy data credit and to stay connected online with their mobile devices while traveling abroad. By 2H 2023, our suite of services will expand into local e-SIM provisions. Gorilla plans to offer a revolutionary Switchback Rewards feature, allowing any unused mobile data and credit to be converted into SOPA Loyalty Points and redeem them for awards across the ecosystem.”

Going forward, customers can access Gorilla’s services in the following manner:

Howie Ng, Chief Technology Officer of SoPa, explains Gorilla’s three main products:

1) Gorilla Local e-SIM enables users to acquire a temporary local phone number while traveling, make phone calls, receive SMS, OTPs and other data through conventional 4G/5G network. Features include:

●Local e-SIM product with full flexibility and control over required data and talk-time
●Comes with local number
●Switch unused data back to Gorilla Points with SwitchBack
●Available globally
●Strategic partnership with Society Pass

2) Gorilla Global Mobile App allows users to:

●Purchase & Activate Gorilla Global e-SIM Service
●Purchase, transfer and send data plans and mobile credit to business associates, family and friends
●SwitchBack unutilized data (later in 2023)
●Eliminate the need for multiple SIM cards when travelling
●Avoid high roaming charges
●Enjoy benefits of the next-generation telco solutions

3) Gorilla SwitchBack’s features are the following:

●Unused data can be converted to SOPA Points using SwitchBack
●Proprietary technology, new age solution
●Transforming digital consumable into a digital rewards
●SwitchBack, save and redeem points to enjoy thousands of rewards
●No Limits, No Caps