Get ready, AI-powered facial recognition drones are on the way


Facial recognition technology has gotten a bad rap in many countries as a term. The fact that technology is biased towards minorities and the awkward feeling of being polled are two major factors for the slack. To address these issues, both private companies and governments are working to develop facial recognition technology, to harness the technology’s potential for military, law enforcement, and commercial applications.

Drones are being used by AnyVision to capture videos. The drone captures an image of its target human, analyses it for better clarity and resolution, and then changes itself by flying a little lower to reposition the image of the target in a very scientific manner. It then uses a machine-learning algorithm to create a “face classification” and a “classification proba” from all of the captured images.

It then uses a machine-learning program to create a “face classification” and a “classification probability score” from all of the captured images. To put it another way, the drone tries to figure out if the person is photographed is the one it was looking for. What if the probability score isn’t high enough? The device is simply redirected to the first move.

Even though the drone system is a step forward, it can also cause concern among people. Do you think it’s common for a drone to move around to get a clear picture of your face, changing its location to get multiple shots? CCTV or security cameras are frequently hidden behind poles and streetlights, but a flying camera is far more visible.

AnyVision currently offers a “digital AI platform” that can be used for security purposes. It can be used to recognize an individual when they enter a shop, as well as a method to assist companies and their employees in safely returning to work from their offices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the media outcry, the patent for AnyVision’s drone is still pending, and rivals are rapidly developing similar technologies. Drone technology has some advantages, but the disadvantages (creating awkward situations with drones flying in people’s faces) outweigh the advantages. Face monitoring turns the concept of independence on its head, and you begin to live in a world where everyone is being watched, no matter what they are doing.

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