Gillette India launches new MACH3 grooming range


As a brand focused on making Indian men look great, feel confident and stay sharp, Gillette from Procter and Gamble India, has carried out a new MACH3 grooming range. This dispatch celebrates 20 years of the notable Gillette MACH3 razor in the country. 

In 2001, Gillette presented to MACH3, the primary elite 3-bladed shaving brand to India. The youthful Indian men who got it then, at that point, were astounded by the solace that MACH3 brought to their day-by-day shaving system. The inheritance proceeds across ages as a practice to make a smooth change from childhood to masculinity. 

To praise the milestone of the 20th anniversary, Gillette uncovers its most recent mission #GetYourMachOn, with the dispatch of 3 new razors – Gillette MACH3 with Hygiene cap, Gillette MACH3 Turbo with Flexball, and Gillette MACH3 Bold. In stores, the work of art and unique Gillette MACH3 presently accompany a restricted version versatile Hygiene cap that snaps shut on the razor head, making it super travel well disposed of.

 The much-cherished MACH3 Turbo has been moved up to include 3D Flexball innovation which turns and turns with facial shapes. This empowers you to make a sharp facial hair growth style and clear differentiation between your skin and your facial hair. The pristine MACH3 Bold is a polished, dark, weighty, and expertly adjusted razor that worked for the impeccably weighted shaving stroke.

To supplement MACH3 Bold, the new prepping range incorporates a first-of-its-sort Magnetic Razor Dock, an accomplice to store the razor and jazz up your sink space. 

Gillette India invests heavily in dispatching this interesting new prepping reach to commend the MACH3 razor’s 20th anniversary in India. MACH3 has consistently assisted men with putting their best selves forward, stay sharp and give them the certainty to control their facial hairdo. Through state-of-the-art innovation and development, Gillette has consistently strived to convey a superior preparing experience.

 The 3D Flexball will help Turbo clients’ style better and more keen. MACH3 Bold will empower men to feel the delight and rush of shaving once more. As Gillette MACH3 represents the enthusiasm and dreams of the 20yr old Indian man, our accomplices Sanju, Shreyas and Shubman catch this soul of yearning and execution impeccably. 

It has been energizing to work with Gillette to spread MACH3’s social picture to 20 to 30-year-olds. Young fellows these days are on the quest for presenting their best forms and what better approach to stand out enough to be noticed. It’s cool, it’s smooth, and intends to make the day-by-day custom of prepping energizing. Top that with a variety of trendy cricketers known to carry their best selves to the game. This is the new MACH3. Along these lines, Get your Mach on!

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