Gillette Venus launches a new campaign for all-new Venus Skin love


The brand teamed with Ananya Panday, Prajakta Koli, Kritika Bharadwaj, and Revathi Pillai for a YouTube live chat to launch Venus Skin Love. Gillette Venus Skin Love is a hair remover created for every young Indian girl, according to Gillette Venus, the country’s premier female hair removal brand.

The hair remover, which is enriched with a specific skin essence, is designed to provide females flawless skin without causing pain, making them feel comfortable in their own skin. In India, women have traditionally used painful hair removal treatments. Gillette Venus addresses this issue by providing ladies with smooth, pain-free skin.

With a flexible head and a scented handle, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and silky smooth. The dual finger rest, raised cartridges, and flexible head glide smoothly and comfortably through the curves.

Gillette Venus is free of harsh chemicals and can be used on any part of the body. “As Gillette Venus, our fundamental goal is to help every female feel comfortable in her own skin,” said Saurabh Bajpai, senior director and country category head, Gillette India.

We wish to provide a painless, chemical-free approach for women who want to remove body hair. Our new Venus Skin Love has a fragrant handle and a special skin essence to provide every woman the nicest skin experience conceivable.”

The company joined up with four prominent female actors — Ananya Panday, Prajakta Koli, Kritika Bharadwaj, and Revathi Pillai — for a YouTube live chat to commemorate the launch of Venus Skin Love.

During the event, Girl’s Night In, they discussed everything girls enjoy, including skin and hair removal procedures, as well as dispelling hair removal myths. They talked everything girls love, skin and hair removal treatments, and hair removal misconceptions during the ‘Girl’s Night In.’

To keep the dialogue going, the brand shared a new video on Instagram today that depicts a day in the life of an undesired pubic hair, who is simply seeking to be recognised and handled with care and confidence like every other hair on your body!

Venus thinks that by launching The Pube Song and a new product on, she would be able to start a debate about normalising correct anatomical vocabulary, such as pubic, in order to de-stigmatize female pubic grooming.

Because pubic hair and skin are not bad words, and they require special attention.

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