Give the Nature it’s Beauty and Care, Nerolac says to its Customers


Kansai Nerolac has shown love and responsibility towards nature through their new advertisement in celebration of the festival of Diwali. Nerolac runs with the title, ‘color that care, nerolac published a new digital film showing the beauty of nature and by giving the message to protect the beauty of nature without polluting and dumping waste.

The digital film sticks out with the Nerolac brand campaign Aaj Careful toh Kal Colorful. Nerolac tried to show the beauty of nature that has been regained by nature during the covid-19 lockdown period. The advertisement starts with the visual of an empty highway and beach that doesn’t have any destroyers (humans) and shows gorgeous forest views with butterflies and charming birds. Tried to highlight the purity that is gained by Himalayan mountains and the Ganga river. Moreover, they have shown families that share happiness.

Nerolac targets the citizens to further protect nature from everything starting from this Diwali by enjoying Diwali days by avoiding firecrackers, all other things that pollute air and noise, and spreading the love by planting trees. Anjun Jain, The executive Director, KansaiNerolac paints Ltd. Said, “ The lockdown has thought us a lesson on the impact of CARE .”

He concluded his interview by saying it’s yet another chance for us to color nature with the apt paint. The customers have welcomed the digital film very positively. FCBUlka has created this digital film for Kansai Nerolac. Kulvinder Ahluwalia, president Mumbai, FCB Ulka said, Nerolac has been building on the theme of Aaj careful toh Kal colorful. They have been trying to spread an awareness campaign through the digital film with the caption of CARE.

Nerolac sends messages to the public that it’s our responsibility to protect our future and to be a role model for a brighter future. So, now it’s our turn to protect mother nature, and start coloring nature for a better tomorrow by planting trees. Early this year Nerolac has also come up with an inspiring advertisement with the campaign, “ Aaj careful toh Kal Colorful”, to give awareness about the covid-19 pandemic for the safety of the future. The digital film created by FCB Ulka has been published through Nerolac’s digital and social media platforms.


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