Goibibo’s new campaign rolls out


Traveling is therapeutic because it frees people from whatever is holding them back. The whole thrill and gratification one receives from traveling is frequently beyond words, from planned to booking, to enroute the journey, to make memories.

Goibibo, India’s second-largest online travel brand, recently announced its campaign ‘Apna Rule Toh Full Vasool’ to help its customers derive and enjoy maximum travel benefits and value, as well as new experiences from their travel plans, in order to make traveling more enjoyable and fulfilling for millions of travelers.

The company has introduced Daily Steal Deals for top-rated hotels and last-minute travel, reservations on its website as part of the promotion. On Goibibo, customers will now be able to access over 1000 new discounts every day.

The narrative’s central message, ‘Apna Rule Toh Full Vasool,’ underscores the demands of travelers as they correctly seek maximum value from their travel arrangements, as well as Goibibo’s vow to continue to provide unequaled value to its consumers.

To bring the campaign to life, the company has released a series of digital shorts that are full of wit and humour. The storey is captivating and accessible because it celebrates everyday situations and discussions like ‘toothpaste ka full vasool’ and ‘buffet ka full vasool.’

“Today’s developed travellers prefer value-based services that allow them to make thoughtful travel choices, provide greater flexibility, and offer optimum benefits for planning or booking travel,” Sunil Suresh, Chief Marketing Officer, Goibibo, stated.

Our new campaign is geared to meet these needs of travellers by continuing to provide the best value for our hotel and airfare bookers on the platform through steal-worthy daily discounts. #ApnaRuleTohFullVasool is a representation of every consumer’s common mindset of seeking maximum value and higher returns from any transaction – thus creating the main premise of our campaign, Travel Ka Full Vasool.”

“Goibibo’s commitment to always giving exceptional value in travel is only equaled by the creativity of the Indian customer in extracting value from everything,” stated Dheeraj Renganath, Executive Creative Director, MagicCircle Communications.

As a result, #ApnaRuleTohFullVasool is a celebration of our customers’ mentality as well as the brand’s culture. We brought the concept to life by framing the brand discourse around relatable, current, and charming vasool events.”

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