Goodbye Fair and Lovely: HUL to rename skincare label as “Lovely”


HUL has announced the following stages in the evolution of its healthy skin portfolio, with the rebranding of its lead brand “Fair and Lovely”. The organization guarantees that its goal is to take the brand’s journey towards a comprehensive vision of beauty, the organization will quit using the word ‘Fair’ in the brand name ‘Fair and Lovely’. The new name is expecting to get regular approvals and the adjustment in the name is expected in the next few months.

In a press meeting, HUL claims that in the course of the recent decade, Fair and Lovely’s advertising has advanced to communicate a message of ladies’ strengthening. The brand’s vision is to receive a comprehensive way to deal with fairness so that it takes care of individuals, which must be comprehensive and differing for everybody all over the place also. HUL again claims that the brand is focused on commending all skin tones.

HUL has also expelled words from Fair and Lovely’s packaging, for example; ‘fair/fairness’, ‘white/brightening’, and ‘light/lightning’ that could demonstrate fairness-led change. Along with that, the appearance with two faces helps to demonstrate shade change.

The note also guarantees that HUL will keep on continuing its promotions, including ladies of various skin tones, representative of the diversity of beauty across India. In all past promoting activities, darker-skinned ladies have been indicated as unsuccessful and fairness as the main factor for deciding success.

Sanjiv Mehta, Chairman, and Managing director, HUL said, “They are making healthy skincare portfolio even more comprehensive and needs to lead the celebration of a more diverse sketch of beauty. Within the last year, they removed the looks with two faces even as the shade that guides from the packaging of Fair & Lovely brand and also the brand’s communication from fairness to sparkle or glow, which is an overall and comprehensive measure of nourishing and healthy skin.

These changes were very generally welcomed by all their consumers. They are now declaring that they will remove the word ‘Fair’ from the brand name “Fair & Lovely”. The new name is anticipating regulatory approvals, and the pack with the changed unique name will be available in the market within the next few months.

Along with the changes to Fair & Lovely, the rest of HUL’s healthy skincare portfolio will also reflect these changes in position. As with the rebrand of Fair & Lovely, they will be also declaring a new name for the Fair & Lovely Foundation – an establishment set up in 2003 to offer women and girls scholarships, so they may have the opportunity to chase their education.


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