Goodknight launches ‘Rakshak Ki Rakhi’ for frontline workers


Goodknight launches ‘Rakshak Ki Rakhi’ for the warriors in the COVID-19 battlefield. As part of the campaign #RakshakKiRakhi, Goodknight Patches crafted a unique Rakhi conceptualized by Digitas India that gives active protection from noxious mosquitoes.

With the coming of global pandemic Covid-19, our world has come to a pause, over the last couple of months. But while we stayed inside the safe walls of our homes, there were some people who stepped up to the front-line to protect us from the crisis. But with the coming of rains, it has brought a whole new risk that they are open to. As heavy rainfalls are often resulting in dry bouts which are the breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes that cause dengue and malaria.

Our front-runner warriors are out there every day fighting for us, protecting us so on Rakshabandhan, the mosquito repellent brand, Goodknight, took on action to protect them. The ad has been released on several social media channels and has been well appreciated across many quarters.

‘Rakshak Ki Rakhi’ is a special rakhi made by Goodknight Patches, along with Digitas India, that offers active protection from harmful mosquitoes. This was a promise of protection, made by the kids, for our heroes as they went about doing their duties every single day. The whole activity was conducted keeping the present safety norms and rules in place to understand it’s importance.

Talking on the initiative, Mark Mcdonald, the Executive Vice President and Head of Creative, Digitas India said “Our front-runner heroes have been out there protecting us day and night. When we understood the additional risks the monsoon will bring on to them, in the form of harmful mosquito-borne diseases, we decide to put our efforts to find a solution to protect them. This led to the genesis of the idea and the Rakhi, as every Indian is aware, is one of the most powerful symbols of protection, was the perfect way to do it. It is indeed a lovely initiative that’s true to brand Goodknight’s ideology and spirit and uses the product in a special way. Inessential to say, it’s remarkably pleasant and gratifying to play a small role in protecting the heroes who’re out there protecting us.”


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