Google App launches new campaign film


Google has introduced a campaign film for the Google app, where the app is shown to be useful to online shoppers . It provides the related website and product according to the search given by the user and it is launched before the start of sales season in the e-commerce platforms.

The campaign film opens by showing two grannies who are regular online shoppers and both are going through different sites in their phone, where one granny says she wants to purchase a headset and both of them start searching for different sites to find a product according to their preference and looking for different sites with offers and sites which offer affordable price and good quality products.

The next scene shows a third granny who comes in by suggesting to the other two to search their desired product on Google app and she states that through this app, the online shoppers can search their related product on the google app, where it offers numerous results related to products and websites.

The campaign film ends with a saying “Shopping Se Pehle Google search pe shopping” which wants to convey the message that before doing online shopping or before searching any related product on an e-commerce site, the campaign states that the first step is to search on google app where the related results will appear according to the desire of the users.

The campaign was launched at the time when the e-commerce giants declared the start of online shopping this festive season. The main element of the Google app is the search function and the campaign wants to convey a message to the viewers that before going online shopping on other sites, the best choice is to search on the google app.

Most people purchase online using their phones, while people search for the product they want to purchase on that particular site. Whereas the campaign states, if the users search on the google app it will gather information from the google database it also helps in knowing brands that are not so popular or new e-commerce sites. 

The campaign included “Reliance Digital” which shows that Google has an interest in Reliance Digital business. The campaign film cast consists of the old age group, through which they want to convey the message that the app is simple to use without any complications and that it can be learned by anyone quickly.


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