Google Launches Additional Features for Space Managers in Google Chat

Google chat
Google chat

Google just announced that it will be adding new functionality to Google Chat for space managers. Among the new features is the ability for space administrators to restrict whether or not users may add or delete other members or groups from a space. This new function gives space managers more power, allowing them to adjust the space to their liking.

Space Configuration Feature

Google’s new tools for space administrators in Google Chat will include a “Space configuration” function in addition to the ability to regulate adding and dismissing users. This new feature will allow space administrators to control whether members may change space features such as the name, icon, description, and guidelines. They may also select whether to enable or disable Chat history for the space. This function enables administrators to keep control over the space and guarantee that the necessary parameters are followed.

Limited Access

It is crucial to remember that the newly revealed tools for space administrators in Google Chat are not accessible to individuals with personal Google Accounts and do not have administrative power. These new capabilities are intended exclusively for Google Chat space managers. Managers may now add or remove members, delete messages and spaces, change the space description, and change the access level of the space from limited to discoverable or vice versa.

Google’s New Affordable Pixel 7a Smartphone

Meanwhile, Google is reportedly working on an affordable Pixel 7 series phone. Likely to be called Pixel 7a, the smartphone has been subject to leaks in the past. In the latest, alleged images of the handset have appeared online. As shared by the website, the phone can be seen featuring a similar design to the Pixel 7.

Features of the Pixel 7a Smartphone

The report also highlights some of the features of the upcoming smartphone. For example, the Google Pixel 7a may include 8GB LPDDR5 Memory and 128GB internal storage. It is stated that the phone’s model number will be GHL1X. Zing News, another online site, has revealed photographs of the new Google phone. A USB Type-C connector is visible at the bottom of the photographs. The handset appears to have the same wraparound camera module on the back as the Pixel 7.


Google’s new features for space managers in Google Chat provide greater control and moderation for space managers. The new affordable Pixel 7a smartphone is a much-anticipated release that has been subject to leaks and rumours in recent times. As the release date of the smartphone draws near, more information and details about the phone’s specifications and features are expected to surface.

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